Picture of Connell

Born in Ireland, but growing up in and around Portsmouth, I’ve been fascinated by drawing and art all of my life and always found it easier to express myself and to explain complex ideas through the language of drawing and visual communication. After something of a hiatus and now living in Wokingham, I returned to more regular art practice some time around 2011 exploring a number of different subjects. Undoubtedly my main passion is the human form, the story it tells and the pain, struggle, tenderness and joy that can be depicted in a single subtle gesture.



Creative Objectives
I’m after more than just a pretty picture or an accurately rendered copy of a photograph. I love to explore mark making and want to create intense or beautiful images that ask questions of the viewer or evoke an emotional response, even if that means a feeling of discomfort or unease. The human form and face is, for me, incredibly beautiful in all it’s infinite variety and is an endless source of wonder. My practice is about looking more closely and seeing more clearly, in an attempt to capture and convey some of that in my work.

Equipment and Techniques
A highly versatile artist, familiar with a range of materials. Most of my current work employs various types of charcoal and graphite on a range of different papers. However, I don’t consider myself limited to any particular medium and have used oil, acrylic, pen and ink, digital media, pen and ink, and conté crayon (particularly for life drawing) and have even experimented with wine, tea and coffee to make marks.